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HackerPipes / Built By
« on: May 11, 2009, 10:55:05 AM »
This is info only:
 Hackerpipes built the new style of of Aces and Clubs. Hacker Custom Exhaust sells these exact same pipes only they are called "Rippers" and "Jokers". Hacker Custom Exhauist sells customer and dealer direct, we offer a package deal with our AMS moules with a $120.00 savings. Also we support our military and ofer a 25 percent saving to all active militart personnel.

 Ronnie Hacker
 Production Supervisor
 Hacker Custom Exhaust

Victory Biker Bar / Tru-Duels for Kingpin
« on: May 08, 2009, 10:13:53 AM »
Tru-Duels for all years of the Kingpins are expected to be in stock approx 5-15-09. This includes the 03-05, 06-07, 08 & up with the 02 ports installed. Hacker Custom Exhaust has a package deal on all exhaust purchased with the AMS module., you save $120.00. We also offer a 25 percent discount to all active military personnel.

 Ronnie Hacker
 Production supervisor
 Hacker Custom Exhaust

Victory Product Reviews / Victory Tru-Duel headpipes
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:20:27 AM »
We have recieved several calls asking for just the Victory Tru-Duel headpipes. Our production on tru-Duels are always in sets, this goes for all of our T-Ds we make.
 However: We are bending  more of the  Tru-Duels at the end of Feb. If you builders out there want a set of Tru-Duel headpipes, then we can build them. These are considered  custom orders and must be paid for in advance.
Pricing is as follows:
Front & rear headpipes with heatshields in chome or Black ceramic,  $650.00
Rear headpipe and heatshield in chrome or Black ceramic, $450.00
Raw is minus $50.00

 We are setting up for production on these about the 25th of FEB, Anyone wanting these must have your order in before we start bending. Any orders recieved after we start bending will be held until the next production run.

 Ronnie Hacker

Victory Biker Bar / Info update
« on: January 21, 2009, 02:36:27 PM »
This is information only:
I am still getting E mail from customers with the question about self installation and warranty.

 We warranty our pipes against manufacturing defects, no matter who puts them on. As far as finishes go Ceramics and chrome--- Our instructions stat that your bike must be set at approx 13.5 to 1 air/fuel mixture ratio. If you fail to properly remap, you run the risk of burning off the ceramics or discoloring the chrome. Ceramics have a flash point of 1800 degrees. you run your engine at close to 14 to 1 or leaner and the pipes are going to overheat. This is NOT a manufacturing defect. that is called user error.

We have the 03-05 Victory Tru-Duels in stock now. I have a set on our Kingpin, Everyone who has road the bike and seen them, Love them. Lots of power with great sound, and they are VERY asy to mount.
06-09 T-Ds are in process now.

We are very aware of the economic situation that the US is having, so we have taken the step to sell all of our products at a 20 percent discount if purchased direct. Also active  Military personnel get another 10 percent off. We stand behind behind the USA and our military.

This is the big one here;
We have taken on a new partner, and a new company has been formed.
The new  Company is called "Hacker Custom Exhaust"
We are expanding adding many new exhaust to our present lineup, and we will be opening a new chopper shop In central Ca. building our own line of custom bikes. Monday will be the change, so look for all new info & products.

 Ronnie Hacker

Victory Biker Bar / Hackerpipes True-Duals
« on: September 06, 2008, 05:18:09 PM »
This is Ronnie;

 FYI: Check out our homepage for the production True-Dual pictures.
These will be available in either Black Ceramic, or chrome, they will come with ratatable slash cut tips, full heatshields and your choice of our horspower tuned cores or our quiet option cores.

 These will be sold directly thru Lubecks Speed and Customs.

 First production run is nearly complete now.

 Ronnie Hacker

Victory Product Reviews / Victory Kingpin, Vegas Hackerpipes True-Duals
« on: August 15, 2008, 11:01:46 AM »

 fyi: Hackerpipes has designed aTrue-Dual exhaust for Polaris West, here is where we are at:

 Proto's for Polaris West have been tested and approved.,We are starting full production next week.
 Good news I was able to work the design out so they will be available for 03-05 models in Black or Chrome, plus the 06 & up Kingpin and Vegas. These have full heatshields with rotatable slash cut tips, and of course they come with our performance tuned cores. Best of all, they are very easy
to install, and look spectacular!
 You can check out the proto pics @ Polaris West will have out pictures for the media and riders soon. the True_duals will  be available exclusvely thru Polaris West.


Victory Biker Bar / Ripper's vs Aces
« on: July 11, 2008, 02:09:05 PM »
Hacker here:

 Just a little FYI especially for you dealers. Hackerpipes Ripper's are the excact same pipes as the SRVT Aces are. Hackerpipes Joker's are the Excact same pipes as the SRVT Clubs are. I am getting REAL tired of hearing that SRVT pipes are better than ours, NOT TRUE! our pipes built and welded in the same fixtures,they are cut on the same fixtures and polished on the same machines, the only difference is we use a better plater than what we used for for SRVT.

 We built the Ripper's before SRVT came in and signed a contract for their pipes (Hackerpipes).


 Ronnie Hacker

Victory Biker Bar / Hackerpipes sale ending
« on: June 20, 2008, 04:00:34 PM »
Hacker here:
 Our Zoomie sale is ending on 6-30, our stock is about wehere we want it. If you want a set of REAL high performance/ custom pipes to set your Victory apart, you still got a little time left. Our Anger Managment fuel module sale also ends on 6-30.


For Sale / Summer Blowout Sale
« on: May 20, 2008, 12:30:22 PM »
Hacker Here:
   We have overstock on our Zoomies, and we need to make room for incoming product.
We have both the Black ceramic and Chrome Zoomies on sale right now for $399.00.
The sale is ONLY on our 06-07 Victory Black Zoomies and Chrome Zoomies 06 thru 08 models, these have the 02 ports installed. These include heatshields and mounting brackets, plus we will give 30 percent off of our AMS modules if purchased with our Zoomies. This is an unbeatable price on some very high quality, High performance pipes. Our Zoomies outperform our Rippers and have the deepest bark of ANY exhaust we have heard on the Victory's. This sale is on what we have in stock now, and ends when stock is gone.


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